Actors Sculptures.

Actors Sculptures – Sylvester Stallone – Father of Spiders

3D printing has many applications in the production of a new item, usually it is used to produce a prototype copy for various types of accessories or industrial designs. It is possible to use materials thanks to which the model will later be used as a mold for silicone or resin casting and further prototyping of smaller production series. We can also use 3D printing to create actors sculptures, their caricatures, or their full-scale images!

 3D printing is also used in the production of statuettes, which after painting look like cast from metal, but much lighter and cheaper.

 An interesting application of color 3D printing in CJP technology is making figurines of human or game characters. After scanning a man with a colorful 3D scanner, you can print an image with a maximum height of even 35 cm in full color on the stand. You can also use the monochrome print of the figurine as a matrix to perform further plaster casts. It is possible to create a figure in a full range of colors or in one color to paint in the next process. In addition, based on the 3D scan you can create a three-dimensional figurine of yourself. Figures can be of any size – we can make figures of different sizes from one file, scaling them by computer before printing.  

There are already completed projects in the world in which not only small figurines were printed, but also whole sculptures several meters in size. With such projects, the printed elements are in parts and are joined together in the last process. In addition, the entire sculpture must be reinforced with a metal frame and filler, which will guarantee its adequate weather resistance.

Steps to print the actor’s sculptures in 3D, which are usually the same:

  1. Customer’s request for 3D printing of a painted figure.
  2. Acceptance of the order for execution.
  3. Receiving .stl models ready for 3D printing or designing the model yourself.
  4. 3D printing process.
  5. Machining and painting 3D print.
  6. Send a painted actors sculpture.

 Below I will show you the process of creating a caricature of the actor Sylvester Stallone. The caricature was created using the dynamesh and standard brush options. Thanks to modern technology, we can create the figurines we want, from caricatures to our images!

 In Poland, the largest joint from 3D printing of the most famous football player Robert Lewandowski was created, the figure is 3 m high and thanks to it the Guinness record in the largest 3d figure recreating the famous character was broken.

 FDM / FFF technology is ideal for creating personalized gifts, especially when 3D prints are subject to additional mechanical, chemical and paint treatment. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to obtain complex shapes that would be very difficult and expensive if other manufacturing techniques were used. According to the opinions of third parties, printed and painted figures made in this technology do not seem as if they were printed on 3D printers. All these thanks to the use of specialized techniques for processing 3D prints.  

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