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Keychains with engraving are advertising gadgets that were once extremely popular. Every company that wanted to prepare gifts for clients was considering engraved keychains. However, over time, this type of gadget has lost its relevance. Will the custom keychain be better? Why? We will answer this question later in the text.

However, before we get to the main topic, i.e. whether the keyring with the engraving is still a good solution for advertising activities, it is worth starting from scratch. 

Keyring with engraving – how is it made?

Unlike custom advertising key rings, the engraved keyrings are made on ready-made foundations – keyring designs mass-produced e.g. in China and other Asian countries. Factories specializing in this type of gadgets make millions of bases, which then reach customers around the world. 

That is why virtually all engraved keychains are similar to each other and differ only in small details. The companies that offer them are not producers – with the help of special engraving machines, they only apply the information required by the clients to ready-made primers.

A ready keyring with engraving does not stand out much in shape. Only the information placed on them is unique – they correspond to the wishes of the customer.

Consequences of choosing engraved keyrings

One of the unwritten marketing rules says “stand out or die”. It can be accepted as true for keyrings with engraving chosen as one of the advertising gadgets.

As we have already mentioned, engraved keyrings are made on ready-made foundations, the production of which is counted in millions. That is why there is a very high probability that the keyring design we have chosen for our company corresponds to the keyrings that our competitors use.

There is also a high probability that the type of key fob we have chosen is already in the possession of the customers whom we want to give them. According to the principle mentioned earlier, there is a very small chance that it will fulfill its advertising functions, and the customer will remember the information placed on him and come back to us in the future.

Custom keychain with engraving – is it still a good solution?  

Engraved keyrings are a solution that companies still choose for advertising. However, before making decisions, it is worth considering whether the industry in which we operate is not full of them. Watch the competition, check what gadgets it offers, check which gadgets are delivered to your customers. In the event that you notice that engraved keyrings are a common advertising gift, think about an alternative solution.

Alternative – custom keychains 

In the event that we believe that engraved keyrings are not a good solution and will not meet our business goals, we have several alternatives to choose from. There are many manufacturers of custom advertising keyrings on the market. Unlike engraved keyrings, these custom designs are unique, making it easier to stand out among competitors’ gadgets.

 Our company focuses on the production of sports and occasional medals, pins and other castings, but thanks to the wide spectrum of activity and experience we have been able to make custom keyrings.     

 Keyrings made to order, unlike key rings with engraving, can have a unique shape – e.g. company logo or any other freely chosen one. They can also be colored by covering their elements with special paints.

 Keyrings can be made in 2D or 3D. You can also give them one of the available 3D multi colours printing that will cover the metal – they can be 3D gold print, silver or bronze. There are many alternatives. The final choice really depends on our needs, the vision of the pendant and the goals that we want to achieve with them.

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